Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

The Cyclescheme solution for National Minimum and Living Wage earners, temporary workers and low-hours employees


We all know that the Cycle to Work scheme is a great way to get your teams cycling and enjoying the associated physical, mental and financial wellbeing benefits.

As the UK's leading provider, Cyclescheme helps thousands of employees every year get the exact bike they need to cycle commute and save money on the cost. But we also know that every employee has different circumstances – some of which might see their Cycle to Work scheme application being declined.

These can be:

The common reason employees in these circumstances have their application declined is that their Cyclescheme application (the amount they have chosen to salary sacrifice) will take them below NMW or NLW which is not legal.

The Government's website states:

"A salary sacrifice arrangement must not reduce an employee’s cash earnings below the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates. Employers must put procedures in place to cap salary sacrifice deduction and ensure NMW rates are maintained."

At Cyclescheme, we're committed to working with you and your business to ensure that as many employees as possible have the option to cycle to work. That's why we have introduced IntoCyclescheme, the UK's only compliant National Minimum Wage Cycle to Work scheme.

Key features of IntoCyclescheme:

  • We offer an entry to cycling for your employees who are unable to participate in Cyclescheme, due to National Minimum Wage or Living Wage implications.
  • This means all of your employees can take advantage of your Cycle to Work benefit and associated affordability benefits (0% interest and spreading the cost of a bike package).
  • IntoCyclescheme is a NET deduction arrangement which is suitable for weekly/monthly paid staff on or near National Minimum Wage or Living Wage.
  • Employees can access all 2,600+ Cyclescheme Partner Retailers and a wide range of recognised brands in-store and online using the standard Cyclescheme redemption process.

If you think IntoCyclescheme could meet needs of your workforce, please request a call and we will be more than happy to help get you up and running.