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Getting a non-standard cycle or an adapted cycle on the cycle to work scheme

Everything you need to know about saving money and spreading the cost on a non-standard cycle.

03.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

Top bike shops for disability cycles and adapted bikes

Cyclescheme works with 2,000 retailers - here are our specialist dealers that offer inclusive and adapted bikes.

02.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

Adapt your bike to suit your disability

For some disabilities and injuries, the solution to start or keep cycling could be a straightforward adaptation of a...

09.01.2023 By Cyclescheme

How bikes and trikes improve your wellbeing

The further you are from the stereotypical idea of a sports cyclist, the more cycling can transform your health,...

08.08.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top ten adaptive bikes

Whatever your physical abilities, there’s a bicycle or tricycle out there to suit you. Here’s a cross section of ten...

26.05.2022 By Cyclescheme

Islabikes launch a new bike for riders with dwarfism

Islabikes increase their range of step-through adult models with a game-changing new bike for riders with...

14.04.2022 By Cyclescheme

How do adaptive bikes work?

A bicycle lets anyone travel further and faster with less effort. Adaptive bikes do the same job, just with...

18.02.2022 By Cyclescheme

Top 10 alternative cycles

Tricycles and cargo bikes make many more cycling journeys possible. Here’s a selection of some of the best.

02.02.2022 By Cyclescheme

An A-Z of cycling with physical disabilities & ailments

Cycling is for everyone, not just the sporty or able-bodied. When you think about it, all bicycles and tricycles are...

14.10.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round up: Bikes for those with mobility issues

A large range of bikes for disabled people means few should have to give up the idea of a two- or three-wheel commute.

05.12.2019 By Cyclescheme

What bikes are best suited to my disability?

With the right specialist cycle or adaptation, cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Here are some...

04.11.2019 By Cyclescheme

New Cycling UK and Wheels for Wellbeing campaign

The 'My cycle, My mobility aid' campaign wants the public and policymakers to recognise cycles as mobility aids.

30.09.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to save money on disability cycles

For a disabled person in work, Cyclescheme is a great way to save money on a specialised cycle and spread the cost.

02.09.2019 By Cyclescheme

Guide to handcycles

Being in a wheelchair is not a barrier to cycling. You just need the right machine: a hand-cranked tricycle.

02.08.2019 By Cyclescheme