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A bike that folds to the size of suitcase is easy to transport by train, bus or car – or store indoors at home or work. Here are 10 of the best.

Folding bikes travel as luggage on trains, making bike-rail commutes much easier. There used to a blanket rule that they had to ‘fully fold’ and have wheels 20in or smaller. That’s gone but it’s still a good rule of thumb. While you might get aboard with a larger-wheeled folder, you might not: it depends on the operating company and conductor. On buses, only compact folders will usually pass muster.

Weight is a big issue with folders, not just size. You pick up a folded bike a lot. Electric folders have the additional weight of a motor and battery, making them more cumbersome to carry. Unless yours rolls along easily when folded, fold it as close to the train doors as you can. Note that while electric folders are allowed on UK trains, you’re not permitted to charge your e-bike on board.

Here are 10 good folding bike choices for commuters. The prices are from May 2024 so may change. Don’t forget to factor in your Cyclescheme savings.



Btwin 100

Btwin 100 20-inch folding bike £199.99

Decathlon’s steel singlespeed is the cheapest folding bike that’s worth buying. If you just need a folder to cycle a few miles to and from a station on flat or gently rolling roads, this will do the job. The ride is comfortable for short, unhurried journeys, with an upright riding position and 20x1.75in tyres. The bike’s V-brakes are effective and the frame hinges are secure. It comes with battery lights but you’ll need to add mudguards (£20-30). The 6-speed Btwin Tilt 120 (£279.99) has them ready fitted, as well as more gears. Weight: 13.3kg. Folded size: 78x66x44cm.

Bobbin Fold

Bobbin Fold £475.15

The Fold is an entry-level aluminium folder with a Dahon-style fold-in-half frame, a long hinged stem and a long seatpost. Few brands offer such folders at this price point nowadays so it’s good to see that Bobbin still does. The Fold is equipped with 7-speed twistgrip gearing, steel mudguards, V-brakes and a kickstand. While the 20x1.5in cream coloured tyres may soon get grubby, they’re wide enough to tackle decent towpaths and the like. The sprung saddle should also help filter out vibration from surfaces that aren’t billiard table smooth. Weight: 13.5kg. Folded size: 85x68x35cm.

 Term Link C8

Tern Link C8 £850

One of Tern’s cheapest folders, the Link C8 nevertheless has a well-made aluminium frame with flex-free hinges. The main frame hinge has an unusual N-fold, so that the front wheel points forward when the bike is folded. This reduces the folded length a little. The Link C8’s 1x8 derailleur gearing has a decent range and the V-brakes work well, in part thanks to the big footprint of the 20x2in tyres. These provide a comfortable and pothole-proof ride yet roll well. Mudguards and a rear rack are optional extras. There’s also a luggage socket in the head tube to attach a rack, basket or bag there. Weight: 12.8kg. Folded size: 80x73x39.5cm.

 Brompton C Line Urban 2

Brompton C Line Urban 2-speed £1,295

The Brompton is the British folding bike that you see in railway stations and cities everywhere. Why? Because it’s the best at folding, folding not in half but into thirds to create a compact package little bigger than its 16in wheels. While the steering is nippy, the overall ride quality belies the bike’s small folded size. It’s available in lots of different colours and configurations, including a budget A Line model (£950) with some cheaper parts and no mudguards. The C Line Urban 2-speed is a step up in quality and is really all the city-working rail commuter needs. Tip: invest in one of Brompton’s handy front bags. Weight: 11.35kg. Folded size: 64.5x59x27cm.

 Birdy City

Riese und Müller Birdy City £2,579

Most folding bikes are best suited to short-distance urban rides. The Birdy City, name notwithstanding, is a bike you could happily ride 50 miles on. Despite its 18in wheels it has a ‘big bike’ ride thanks to its roomy reach, stable handling and bump-absorbing front and rear suspension. The fold is interesting, with the rear wheel flipping under and the fork tucking back on itself. The equipment is as good as you’d expect at this price: a Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub gear, Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes, Supernova dynamo lighting, 50mm Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, mudguards and rear rack. Weight: 12.9kg. Folded size: 80x62x34cm.



Raleigh Stow E-Way

Raleigh Stow-E-Way £999

Even at its non-discounted price of £1,199, Raleigh’s Stow-E-Way is unusually inexpensive for an electric folder. Some parts are fairly basic, such as the 7-speed gearing and 20x1.95in Kenda tyres, but no serious corners have been cut. The low-step, fold-in-half aluminium frame is sturdy enough and includes an integral rear rack. The 250Wh battery is ideally situated for stability, with the weight down low, and the TransX R15 rear hub motor kicks in quickly when you start pedalling. It’s well equipped, with mudguards, kickstand and lights powered by the main battery. It is fairly bulky when folded and the folded package can flop open unless you’re careful. Range: up to 30 miles. Weight: 20kg. Folded size: 88x80x44cm.

Eovolt Afternoon

Eovolt Afternoon 20in Origins £2,199

French firm Eovolt makes electric folders with 16in, 20in and 24in wheels. This mid-size model has chunky 20x2.35in tyres that will tackle everything from urban roads to unsurfaced tracks like forest fire roads. When you fold it in half and drop down the stem it’s not especially compact but is still small enough for trains and car boots. The seatpost is so wide because it houses a 378Wh battery, which is easily removable for charging away from the bike. The motor is in the rear hub. The bike comes commuter ready with mudguards, a rear rack and lights. Range: 37-50 miles. Weight: 21.3kg. Folded size: 85x73x46cm.

 Tern Vektron Q9

Tern Vektron Q9 £3,500

Tern’s Vektron is a solidly built, 20in-wheel e-bike that’s as much mini cargo bike as multi-modal commuter. The substantial rear rack is rated for a 27kg load and, unlike those of most e-folders, will take a child seat. Hills aren’t a problem with luggage or a passenger thanks to a 50Nm Bosch Active Line Plus mid motor and a 1x9 Shimano Alivio drivetrain. As well as the rear rack, the Vektron Q9 comes with mudguards, a kickstand, integrated lighting and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. Wide tyres provide comfort and unsurfaced-route capability. It’s another hefty bike but it can be rolled along on its wheels when folded. Range: 35-70 miles. Weight: 21.9kg. Folded size: 86×68.5x42cm.

Brompton Electric P Line Urban 4

Brompton Electric P Line Urban 4-speed £3,695

Electric Bromptons add a front-wheel hub motor to the same super-compact folding design. A 300Wh battery sits in the front bag, making an electrical connection when the bag clips into place. That makes it easy to remove for charging and also carrying, as it leaves you with less than 13kg of bike to haul in one hand. A larger front battery bag is available if you want more luggage space. Electric Bromptons come in various versions; this one has 4-speed derailleur gearing, a titanium rear frame, mudguards and lighting. Range: 20-45 miles. Weight: 15.6kg (12.7kg with battery bag detached). Folded size: 64.5x59x27cm.

 Gocycle G4i

Gocycle G4i £3,999

With its single-leg fork, structural chaincase and five-spoke magnesium wheels, the Gocycle has a distinctive, minimalist-looking design. Its peppy front hub motor reacts quickly to pedal input and benefits from a boost switch that gives you maximum assistance as long as the pedals are turning – ideal for quick getaways from the lights. Its 3-speed hub gear has automatic predictive shifting, so all you need do is pedal, and that chaincase keeps rain off the chain and oil off your trousers. Wide tyres and hydraulic disc brakes cope well with bad roads and erratic traffic. It folds quickly and easily and then rolls nicely on its wheels. Mudguards and lights are included. Range: up to 50 miles. Weight: 18kg. Folded size: 83x75x37cm.